An in-depth guide to performing drill-down in Google looker studio

A guide to drill down to another page in looker studio

Drill down is a functionality within Google Data Studio that empowers users to delve deeper into their data, offering a means to transition from a broader, top-level perspective to a finer-grained examination through interactive engagement with visual representations.

This feature facilitates a seamless transition from a bird’s-eye view of your data to a more intricate analysis, allowing you to interact with your visualizations and progressively uncover more detailed insights, ultimately enhancing your data exploration experience.

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Click on the Table Chart where you would like to add the drill-through functionality.

Select a chart type to perform drill down functionality

Add URL parameter 

As the first step in the drill-through method, create a Company parameter. To do this, click on Add a parameter which is located in the bottom right corner.

Add the Parameter name and Parameter ID and the data type to text .
After completing this click on Save and Finished.

Add the parameter name in data studio

Creating a drill down field

Now, create a new calculated field by clicking on the Add a Field option in the bottom right corner. 

This is the crucial step; create the calculated field using the following formula

HYPERLINK(CONCAT(“[destination_tab_url]?params=%7B%22[url_parameter]%22:%22″,[Dimension],”%22%7D”), [Dimension])   

[destination_tab_url] – Replace your destination page URL.

[url_parameter] – Click on the Resource tab , Select  Manage report URL parameters from the dropdown , you’ll see a pop-up from below . Please copy the name and ensure that the checkbox is checked .

Manage report URL parameters
Naming the parameter

[Dimension] – Select the Company dimension .

Provide a field name, and then click ‘Save and Finish.’ This action will create links with clickable hyperlinks

Add the created Dimension to the Table Chart.

Add dimension to table chart

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Conditional filter field

Now create another calculated field for filtering the company dimension with the new calculated field dimension.

IF([param_name] = ‘ ‘, 1, CASE WHEN REGEXP_MATCH([Dimension], [param_name]) THEN 1 ELSE 0 END)

[param_name] – Add the parameter field name which we created.

[Dimension] – Select the Company Dimension.

select the company division

 Give a field name and click on Save and Finished.

Go to the Destination Page you want to drill through and Right click . Then click on the Current Page Settings.

Create a page level filter

Add a Page level filter for filtering the Company using the created calculated field.

Page level filter in looker studio

Now, you can utilize this method to drill through to another tab and test your dashboard.

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