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Effortlessly analyse, optimise, and scale your online business with Powermetrics’ cost-effective Looker Studio dashboard templates.

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Create your personalised report in just 3 steps

Streamline reporting, reclaim time, and effortlessly distribute actionable insights

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Browse Templates

Explore our diverse range of expertly designed report templates, each finely tuned to suit your specific requirements.

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Generate Your Report

Swiftly produce your custom report in mere moments through our streamlined setup procedure.

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Personalize & Share

Tailor your report effortlessly and swiftly distribute invaluable insights and actionable recommendations derived from your data.

Integrating Diverse Data Streams

Merge marketing data from various origins seamlessly within Looker Studio reports, transforming your
analysis into actionable insights.

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User-friendly Access

Use an intuitive design to automate your reports

Utilise Looker Studio strength and our user-friendly design to automate your reports with simple steps, saving time and facilitating decision-making all in one place.

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Personalised Reporting

Simple report creation

Instant edit access allows you to personalise our reports. You have the ability to make unlimited modifications to brand colours, logos, icons, texts, filters, pages, charts, and other elements that are relevant to your company’s reporting requirements and rules.

Quick Set-up

Generate reports in minutes

Transform your statistics into actionable insights effects with our Looker Studio Templates. Elevate your analytics game and make knowledgeable selections. Explore the power of facts visualisation at its satisfaction. Get started out now!

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Very proactive, very good job. was short and sweet, need more people like that.
Powermetrics’s expertise in unifying reporting solutions enabled us to integrate diverse marketing platforms and develop a unified reporting system, facilitating faster decision-making.
Our business has been able to operate like a much larger operation with Powermetrics. Analytics help us make decisions that were more challenging to calculate with other tools.
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Frequently Asked Questions

With Looker Studio, you can transform your data into clear, customizable, and shareable dashboards and reports, all for free.

Google Looker Studio is a tool that can merge data from Google Analytics and other sources to create visual reports. These reports can help you and your team understand how your data affects your business. With Google Data Studio, you can make interactive dashboards, pie charts, pivot tables, and other helpful visual aids.

Looker is renowned for its top-notch data visualizations, but the range of pre-set visualization tools is somewhat restricted. Looker’s dashboards are incredibly interactive, enabling users to delve into the data. Best of all, it’s completely free to use.

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