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GA4 Ecommerce Conversion Funnel Report Template


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Use the GA4 Conversion Funnel Template to track your customers' behaviour and determine where they fall short during purchasing. Examine conversion and drop-off rates in relation to technology, channel, demographics, and e-commerce.

Product Description

Why choose our Ecommerce report template ?

Use this GA4 ecommerce funnel template to analyze every step of enhanced ecommerce, from product view to transaction, empowering informed decisions.

  • In-depth analytics tracking user behavior across devices, from product views to transactions.
  • You can easily analyse the e-commerce ratios: Add To Cart CR%, Checkout CR%, Purchase CR%, and Total Funnel CR% by using this template.
  • Channels – the conversion rates of the funnel by marketing channel, campaign, source, and medium.
  • Tailor strategies for revenue growth based on user demographics, preferences, and effective channels spanning device categories.
  • Device category – the conversion rates of the funnel by device, browser, and platform (website, app).

What’s included in our GA4 Ecommerce dashboard?

Uncover the full potential of your ecommerce performance analysis with this data studio ecommerce dashboard. This template, designed with Looker Studio, comprises four pages meticulously crafted to provide you with actionable insights and optimize your online sales strategy.

  1. Overview: Get a holistic view of your ecommerce performance with key metrics and visualizations. Monitor crucial indicators such as website traffic, conversion rates, average order value, and revenue. Identify trends, spot opportunities, and gain a comprehensive understanding of your online sales landscape.
  2. Product analysis: Gain valuable insights into product popularity, sales volumes, and customer behavior to optimize your offerings and enhance conversion rates with this ecommerce data studio template.
  3. Funnel insights: Dive into the purchase funnel and product performance analysis. Explore the customer journey from awareness to conversion, identifying drop-off points and areas for improvement. 
  4. Revenue Analysis: Dive into detailed product revenue data to maximize profitability with our ecommerce sales funnel template.
  5. Country-specific Data: Explore customer origin data to optimize marketing and enhance regional targeting.
  6. Channel Impact: Understand marketing channel and country effects. Analyze channels like search, ads, social media. Uncover sales trends, behavior, and regional preferences for targeted strategies.
  7. Technology Insights: Monitor device, browser, and platform usage for informed decisions.

How to Utilize the GA4 Ecommerce Report Template ?

Utilizing our streamlined one-click setup, you can swiftly create your GA4 Ecommerce Report Template on Looker Studio in under a minute, simplifying the configuration process and saving you valuable time.

Step 1 – Access the admin panel of your GA4 property to locate your account and property IDs. Then, navigate to the report URL.

Step 2 – Paste your GA4 Account ID and GA4 Property ID into the designated fields and press Enter . Click ‘Get Your Report’ to initiate the generation of your new report.

Step 3 – Navigate to the top right corner and select ‘Edit and share’, followed by ‘Acknowledge and save’ in the ensuing modal window. Allow a brief moment for the report to be fully generated.

Step 4 – Grant access to community visualizations and adjust the data credential of your data source from Viewer’s to Owner’s.

Our GA4 Ecommerce Conversion Funnel Report Template can help you with these questions

Revenue Purchase Funnel:

How does this purchase funnel template integrate with Google Analytics 4 for tracking revenue generation?

How customizable is this template to fit the unique needs and goals of different eCommerce businesses?

What specific insights can be gained from using this template to monitor and optimize the conversion rates within the purchase funnel?

Product Revenue Analysis:

How does this product revenue analysis template leverage Google Analytics 4 data to provide actionable insights for optimizing sales performance?

Can you explain the specific metrics and KPIs included in this template that are essential for evaluating product revenue performance?

How does this template assist in identifying trends or patterns in product sales over time, and what tools does it offer for forecasting future revenue streams based on current data?

Channel Analysis:

How does this channel analysis template utilize Google Analytics 4 data to provide insights into the effectiveness of different marketing channels in driving eCommerce sales?

Can you explain the methodology used in this template to attribute revenue generated to specific marketing channels, and how accurate is this attribution process?

What features does this template offer for comparing the performance of various marketing channels, and how does it help in allocating marketing budgets effectively to maximize ROI?

Note: Save time and resources by leveraging the built-in connector to access your Google Analytics data directly within Looker Studio. No additional costs or subscriptions required.

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  1. Edward

    The GA4 Ecommerce Dashboard has exceeded my expectations in terms of functionality and usability. It offers a holistic view of my ecommerce business, allowing me to track revenue, average order value, and product performance in real-time. The ability to segment data by channels, and customer segments has helped me tailor my marketing efforts and increase conversions.

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Use the GA4 Conversion Funnel Template to track your customers' behaviour and determine where they fall short during purchasing. Examine conversion and drop-off rates in relation to technology, channel, demographics, and e-commerce.

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