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About Us

Market veterans with over 15 years of experience delivering analytics to some of the top agencies in the UK.

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Our Success Story

Experienced in building enterprise level scalable solutions for some of the top businesses in the UK. Built an agro based analytics product from concept to ideation all the way to delivery and implementation in a matter of 6 months that went on to be sold on a multi-million dollar deal with Agchem.

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David Amal - CEO

David Amal

David Amal CEO

Worked with decision makers and venture capitalists from some of the top companies in the UK partnering for analytics for their internal ops data and external market research like. Worked in close collaboration with  Dragons’ Den, a renowned venture capital group in the UK.

What’s important to us

Customers are the center of our universe

 Our approach is rooted in the philosophy of driving simplicity and always keeping the end game in mind. We begin by placing the ‘what’s in it for me’ factor at the forefront, recognizing that each client is unique with distinct needs.

we aim to empower businesses with effective tools that enhance their performance and contribute to their success.


Your experience will be a little different

At PowerMetrics, we assure you that your experience will be unlike any other. With us, your perspective about your data will undergo a transformation, gaining new dimensions and insights that go beyond the ordinary. Our mission is twofold: to reshape the way you perceive and interact with your data and to establish genuine relationships with you.

we prioritize transparency and security, ensuring that your data remains confidential and protected.

Never standing still

Qur commitment to excellence is ingrained in our culture through an agile and continuous improvement program. We believe in the relentless pursuit of enhancement across every facet of our operations, from the quality of our customer service to the innovation of our products.

Our goal is not just to keep pace with industry standards but to set new benchmarks for excellence.